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The artists's chosen subjects were realistically depicted cityscapes and interior scenes, much in the style of Edward Hopper whom he greatly admires. Still using his given name, Hing Biu found that his paintings were well appreciated and eagerly collected. He felt that his versatility had gone untested as he quickly established his reputation in the American art scene.
- Henry Peeters - Landscaping Painter 1951-

About Henry Peeters: The Chinese Artist, HENRY PEETERS was Born in Canton, China, Hing Biu received his artistic skills and formal training in his native land.Henry Peeters began his professional career in 1972 after receiving his degree from the Canton Fine Art University.Henry Peeters stands apart from today's Impressionist painters with his unique handling of light and shadow. His sensibilities in color and composition are evident of his utmost achievement and ability. Drawing from both eastern and western cultures, Peeters provides us with a refreshing and new insight towards the world we live in. He creates an almost ideal setting for the viewer to relax. Peeters paints mostly from memory and emotion. His landscapes are places that can only be visited in the mind, since they are blends of the real and imaginary.
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