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Of his work, Philip Craig says, "I'm an old-fashioned painter. I'm not trying to beat anybody to death with politics... I try to translate my experiences onto the canvavs and people respond to that."
- Philip Craig - Canadian Painter 1951 -

About Philip Craig: The Canadian Artist, Philip Craig was born in 1951 in Ottawa, Canada. Philip Craig has an extraordinary ability to connect with the viewer as he paints ordinary people engaged in ordinary activities - waiters at work, a moment by a canoe in the woods, reading a map in a cafe, the viewer wants to be there. If there is only a landscape or an interior, the viewer anticipates what is going to happen. This element of connection, accompanied by the beauty of colour, light and richly expressive brushwork creates a desire to live with Philip Craig Paintings. Philip Craig paintings are collected in Canada, the US, England and around the World.
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